Old Town Blend

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Taste notes:

Bakers chocolate, almond, nutmeg, caramel and currants

Roaster's Note - The story behind the blend

A homage to my time and to a coffee roastery in Nice, France. Hidden down a cobbled laneway in the 'Old Town' and family run since the 1940's. The coffee yielded a highly aromatic cup with flavours of dark bitter cocoa, earthiness and full bodied oils coating the palate. For me, it was more about the culture there not the coffee.
This blend is my reverence to that press pause moment in my life.
My take on their tradition sees the overall roast profile toned down from the charge to the end temperature. This is to eradicate unwanted over-roasted, bitter and charred flavours. I also slightly draw out my roast time and development to mute acidity levels and achieve a full bodied coffee. I take it to a degree to attain those traditional bolder notes but still retain the naturally inherent flavours and characteristics of each coffee.
I solely create this blend for milk coffees and for the old school coffee drinkers. For the people who say, "I want coffee to taste like coffee!". Well this is it, but refined and far better.
Extraction guideline:
21g ground / 38 - 42 espresso / 25 - 32 seconds