Brugnetti Viola Home Espresso Machine

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Introducing the Brugnetti Viola, a stunning heat exchanger espresso machine designed to elevate your home coffee experience. This beautiful machine features a large 3L water tank, dual pressure gauges, and an exposed E61 group head, ensuring that you can consistently produce exquisite shots of coffee.

Key Features:

  • Large 3L Water Tank: The substantial water reservoir ensures that the machine is completely self-contained, allowing for extended brewing sessions without the need for constant refills.
  • Exposed E61 Group Head: Renowned for its stability and heat retention, the exposed E61 group head guarantees perfect extraction and exceptional coffee quality every time.
  • Dual Pressure Gauges: Monitor both the boiler and pump pressure to maintain optimal brewing conditions and achieve the best results.
  • New Matte Black Sides: The 2020 model introduces stunning matte black sides, adding an extra touch of sophistication and style to an already elegant machine.

The Brugnetti Viola is not just an espresso machine; it's a statement piece that combines functionality with beauty. With its advanced features and sleek design, it will transform your kitchen into a home café and bring joy to your coffee ritual.