Brazil Emeraldo

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Taste Notes:

A medium-bodied coffee with dark chocolate top notes and a sweet hazelnut finish.

Roaster's Note:

Single Origin

Originating from the vast coffee regions of Brazil, Emeraldo coffee captivates with its unique character and distinct flavour profile. This exceptional single-origin offers a sensory journey through the lush landscapes of Minas Gerais, where its beans are meticulously cultivated.

Upon first sip, Emeraldo delivers a rich body with a velvety smoothness, reminiscent of dark chocolate. Its aroma, a fragrant blend of toasted nuts and caramel, entices the senses. The flavor unfolds with subtle hints of red berries and a delicate acidity that balances perfectly with its natural sweetness.

Roasted to a medium level, this coffee showcases Brazil's mastery in producing exceptional Arabica beans. Its low acidity and well-rounded profile make it a versatile brew, equally enjoyable as a soothing morning cup or a comforting after-dinner indulgence.