Twist of Fate Blend

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Taste Notes:

Fruity, floral, juicy citrus


Roaster's Note:

This is far from traditional coffee in the flavours that are produced. As coffee has become more progressive,  a new wave of coffee roasting has evolved by roasting lighter to retain the personality and nuances of each bean. To showcase what makes each coffee unique.
This is the style of coffee we really love to drink at Maverick, but it can cause division amongst drinkers as it challenges and changes perceptions of what coffee is or can be.
If you’re after something exotic and exciting like sipping on fruity cocktails with little straw hats;  then this is your ticket to the Copacabana. It’s a game changer!  
Extraction guideline:
20g ground / 40 - 44g espresso / 24 - 28 seconds